Carpet Remnant

Pick up a quality carpet remnant today!

Why Choose a Remnant?

carpet remnants Portage, MI

Visit Migala Carpet One to take advantage of our ever-growing selection of carpet remnants! We have one of the largest selections in the area, so we are sure to have a style that suits your design and function needs.

Carpet remnants are the end pieces of carpet rolls that are left over after installation. Remnants are usually too small for full installations, but they still may be the right choice for your next project. Here are a few reasons to pick up a carpet remnant:

Quick and easy install: Carpet remnants can be purchased, picked up, and installed in the same day. As a result, they are effective short-term solutions if you ever find that you need a something like a carpet runner, for example.

Quality brands: Remnants are the end pieces of original carpet rolls, so they are not simply carpet knock-offs. You can certainly find a remnant from a quality carpet brand.

Reduced prices: We sell our carpet remnants at greatly reduced costs. So, you can pick up a quality piece of carpet without paying the quality price! This is especially beneficial if you’re looking to carpet a small space such as a closet.

If you think that a carpet remnant is the best option for your home project, be sure to visit our Portage or Kalamazoo, MI location. Our remnant selection changes almost every day, so stop by to pick one up!