Comfort, warmth, and design versatility

Finding the Right Carpet

carpets Portage, MI

Although hard surface options such as hardwood and vinyl have grown in popularity, carpet continues to be the first choice in residential and commercial settings. Why does carpet remain so popular? It is definitely the most versatile flooring option in terms of design and function. We at Migala Carpet One have years of experience providing quality carpets in the Portage, MI area, so let us help you make the perfect choice!

Function Versatility

When it comes to carpet, it seems like nothing is impossible. No matter which type of setting you have in mind, there is a carpet that can handle the foot traffic, potential stains, and room uses. Do you need a carpet that is soft enough for children to lie down or play? There’s Tigressa SoftStyle. Maybe you need a tougher carpet that can handle spills? Check out Tigressa H2O or Bigelow STAINMASTER. There are even super-strong loop carpets that can handle the heavy traffic you see in a commercial setting!

Design Versatility

What good is new carpeting if it doesn’t look good? Fortunately for you, there is certainly a carpet to fit any design need you have in mind. For luxurious settings, for example, a thicker, fuller carpet such as Saxony carpet is a great choice. Each carpet is also available in a variety of colors and designs, too! So, whether you want a simple white carpet or one with tiger stripes, rest assured that we’ll help you find it!