Premium tiles from Daltile

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Stone Tiles

Daltile Kalamazoo, MI

Tiles, since they resist water and soil, are extremely useful in both residential and commercial areas. They are certainly practical as flooring, but tiles also can be used on walls, backsplashes, and stairs. Ceramic tiles are versatile when it comes to design, so they are best for indoor use. For outdoor use, porcelain and stone tiles are most suitable because they are more water resistant and stronger. No matter which type of tile you require for your next project, Migala Carpet One in Kalamazoo, MI definitely has you covered with some of the best brands in the industry!  


We proudly feature Daltile tiles in our store. Daltile is truly all-inclusive when it comes to tile. It offers ceramic, porcelain, stone, mosaic…pretty much any and every type of tile available today. More importantly, Daltile emphasizes design and quality in every tile it offers. With regards to design, Daltile offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so its tiles can fit every design need. This is especially important with backsplashes and walls, since a stylish design is a requirement! Furthermore, Daltile uses only high quality materials, so the tiles are sure to last long.      

Visit our Kalamazoo store to learn more about our selection of Daltile. We carry various types and styles, so we definitely can accommodate your tile needs. Be sure to work with our experienced designers, all of whom have experience helping customers choose the perfect tiles for their projects.