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Rely on our team of experts to install your new floor

Rely on the Experts

flooring installation Kalamazoo, MI

You’ve done all of the research, checked out all of the samples, and made all of the right measurements. You’re ready to make the final decision to choose a stylish carpet from your friends at Migala Carpet One. Who will handle what comes next?

We are proud to have a team of in-house installers who can handle any new flooring installation for you. Our installers will make sure that your new floor is installed perfectly, and they’ll be sure to accommodate any special requests that you may have. How do we know that our installers are all properly trained? Our installation team has been 5-star certified by Carpet One. For us, this means that our installers have the necessary skills and experiences to complete any installation. For you, this means that your new floor will certainly be installed without any issues.

Plus, since our installers are in-house, we can ensure that certain quality standards are met. Other flooring stores often rely on contractors for installation, but this can be problematic because the contractors do not actually work for the stores. If, for example, there’s ever a problem with a new installation, it’s often difficult to determine whether the store or the contractor should be contacted. In our case, since our installers do actually work for our store, we can handle everything for you!

Be sure to visit our Kalamazoo, MI store to learn more about our flooring installation services. We certainly can handle that new carpet installation for you!