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Karastan Carpet and Area Rugs

Karastan area rugs and carpet products are made from high quality materials that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and provide optimum performance. Offering a variety of styles, designs, textures, and sizes, Karastan features modern classics, wool, and pet friendly options with warranties. Karastan does it all combining both luxury and durability.

Karastan carpet

Since 1928, Karastan has been relying on technology and innovation to stay at the top of the industry. It, for example, offered the first machine-made rug that had handmade quality and design. These were some of the first rugs to combine great detail with long-lasting strength and cleanliness. In 1948, Karastan introduced its Kara-Loc method of weaving, and this made multi-colored designs possible. To this day, Karastan continues to utilize new technologies to create rugs and carpets that look good and stay strong for a long time.

The SmartStrand technology, which involves special fibers, offers stain resistance that will not wear off over time. Plus, the fibers remain very soft, so the rugs and carpets are comfortable. Karastan rugs and carpets with this technology are therefore suitable for rooms with children and pets. In addition, Karastan offers wool rugs and carpets that are natural, environmentally friendly, and clean air certified.

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