Long-lasting carpet from Bigelow STAINMASTER

Biggest Name in Stain Resistance

STAINMASTER carpet Portage, MI

Stain resistance is certainly one of the most sought after features of carpet. Most people, for example, would not even consider a carpet that does not offer long-lasting and dependable stain resistance. Fortunately, we have you covered with our STAINMASTER selection. 

STAINMASTER is the biggest name in stain resistance because, to put it simply, it offers protection that works. How does a STAINMASTER carpet work? It is made from a special type 6.6 nylon fiber that is one of the strongest fibers available today. The fiber is super-strong because of a tight structure, so it’s extremely difficult to stain. Plus, the fibers offer great appearance retention in high traffic areas.  

Also, all STAINMASTER carpets include special stain protection. This protection is chemically bonded with heat, so it is permanent. In fact, it will never wash off the carpet, even after deep steam cleanings. There also is added soil protection, so the fibers will actually push away soil so it will not stick. This leads to more efficient vacuuming and, of course, a cleaner carpet.      

Be sure to visit Migala Carpet One in Portage, MI to check out our selection of Bigelow STAINMASTER. Bigelow STAINMASTER combines stylish looks with premium protection, so stop by today!