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Top Rug Trends

Area Rug Trends 

Who knew an accessory such as an area rug could actually be the foundation of a beautiful space. An area rug functions as the center piece to a room, so connecting it to a color scheme as well as furniture placement is important. Before even purchasing an area rug, the number one rule is to consider your family’s lifestyle. Wool rugs are great for homes that have children and pets because they are easy to clean and can hide inevitable every day wear.


Sizing your area rug to the room can be somewhat of a challenge for most. Most manufactures make area rugs in standard sizes such as 5’x8’ or 10’x14’ but you can order a broadloom carpet and have it cut to size to fit perfectly in your space.


Decorating with Area Rugs


There are unwritten “rules” set by designers when it comes to sizing area rugs. The best part about an unwritten rule though is that you can break them! You want to make sure that it is large enough to anchor and support your space and allow enough room for a flow. Some designers prefer to have the front two legs anchored to the area rug, others think if the area rug is large enough then all four legs should be anchored. A good example would be in a dining room, where you definitely want all of the furniture on top of the area rug to avoid tripping or wobbly chairs. Make sure you don’t completely cover your floor with an area rug; rule of thumb is to leave 9”-12” of space from the baseboards.


Area Rug Ideas for Living Rooms


If most of the rooms in your home are neutral, then you have the perfect opportunity to choose a bold area rug pattern that stands out and demands attention. It is a great way to not have to commit to bold furnishing or window treatments, and are easy to change out and not as expensive. If you’ve already committed to vibrantly colored furniture, you can choose a neutral area rug to tone it down. Use your area rug to bring unity to a color scheme.


Don’t forget rug pads to keep your area rug in place. Remember to cut the pad at least two inches smaller so the area rug’s edges lay flat.


Area Rug Tips


If you’re feeling daring and love to stick with the latest in interior design trends, try layering area rugs. You can combine multiple colors and textures that work together and can connect back to your furniture. Just make sure the carpet underneath is visible in order for the effect to work.


Now that you have some inspiration for your next decorating adventure, the next step is paying us a visit at one of our showrooms in Portage or Kalamazoo, MI! Let one of our flooring experts at Migala Carpet One Floor & Home walk you through your options and pick out the perfect area rug!


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