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Carpet Flooring in Michigan

At Migala Carpet One Floor & Home in Portage and Kalamazoo, Michigan, we bring our customers quality carpet. Carpet flooring is a top choice for homeowners thanks to its warmth and comfort. It’s also used in various business applications as a stylish and functional surface. Our flooring professionals are here to help you find the best carpet for your home. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of flooring and other components like carpet padding, but we also provide personalized and friendly service. As your locally-owned neighborhood flooring store, we know that understanding the basics of carpet will help you make the right decisions for your next installation.


Types of Carpet

When you choose your new carpet, you want to think of things such as color, pattern, design, texture, and performance. These characteristics are in part defined by pile style, fiber type, and overall carpet design. There are carpets made today for all kinds of lifestyles, including carpets that are made to be waterproof or stain-resistant to combat pet accidents and children’s messes. The five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.


Types of Carpet Fibers

The types of fiber used in your carpet will impact its performance and texture. Synthetic fibers are great for durability and softness, while natural fibers like wool are eco-friendly and crush-resistant. Fibers are twisted together into piles, which can be cut, loop, or cut and loop. There are also high, medium, and low pile carpets. Here is a summary of the types of carpet fibers you’ll most commonly encounter:



Pet-Friendly Carpet

Need a carpet that can handle your favorite furry family member? Today there are better pet-friendly carpet choices available than ever before. Look for performance features like stain-resistance and odor-resistance. We even have waterproof carpets, which have an industrial backing that blocks pet accidents and spills from escaping to the carpet pad. You should also try to find a carpet design that disguises pet fur between cleanings and won’t snag claws.


Where Can You Install Carpet?

Carpet makes any room more comfortable and cozy, which is why it’s so popular in living rooms, bedrooms, and dens. More durable carpets are suitable for hallways, playrooms, and stairs. We also have commercial-grade carpet and carpet tiles for busy settings like offices. You’ll be surprised by how soft, wear-resistant, and stylish modern carpets are when you visit.


Our Carpet Selection

Discover your perfect floor when you visit our showroom. We offer excellent carpet deals and prices, so you’ll get the most value out of your purchase. Our selection includes premium carpet brands that are designed with quality in mind, along with carpet padding, carpet remnants, and custom stair runners. We also have an experienced team who can help you balance your performance and design needs. Additionally, we’ll set you up with a comprehensive installation. And if you don’t love your new floors, our Beautiful Guarantee policy means that we’ll replace them for free.


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Is it Time to Replace Your Carpet?

Like most things in life, carpet does not last forever. We have compiled some common signs that indicate it is time for you to invest in a brand new carpet.




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